What is Fertility to You?

Fertility is about so much more than just the meeting of DNA….if it wasn’t, IVF would have a much higher success rate.

So what is fertility to you? Is it about health? Is it about your relationship with your partner? Is it about your relationship with yourself, your mother, your father? Is it about your will power, your strength or your perseverance (or lack)? Is it about learning to love yourself first (or last)? Is it about learning to ask for help?

Discover what fertility means to you and find a supportive team who can help.

Unexplained Infertility in Chinese Medicine

Being diagnosed with ‘unexplained’ infertility can feel worse than being diagnosed with any functional problems. From a medical point of view, it means there are no more avenues to go down to ‘fix’ anything. Hormones are working as they should, sperm is working as it should but conception is still not happening.

One of the great things in Chinese medicine, is that we don’t have ‘unexplained’ conditions. Every single person has a diagnosis or an energetic explanation for why their desired health outcome is not being achieved. Sometimes patterns are more difficult to explain than others depending on clinical history. However, there will always be a possible solution. It just may not meet your time goals and it may mean you need to change some dietary and lifestyle habits, but there will be a treatment plan for you.

Sometimes the reason can be as simple as a concern with body fluid production for women. The only sign could be a lack of cervical mucous at midcycle and symptoms of dry mouth. Often, I see emotional causes of infertility especially in women who are under a lot of stress. Liver Qi gets stuck when we have any serious emotional changes, and Liver Qi is responsible for moving blood through the body (to the uterus and ovaries) and encouraging the egg’s smooth journey down the fallopian tubes. Acupuncture treatments can help both of these conditions plus many more.

Sometimes the most difficult problems, have the simplest solutions.


A little about me…

Talking about myself is not one of my favourite things to do, you may have noticed the lack of ‘selfies’ on my instagram and facebook page as I think there are more interesting things to show you. However I have been asked on numerous occasions in the last couple of weeks about my reasons for getting into acupuncture. So I thought I would just share a little bit of background info.

I have always been curious…almost too curious! I like to know why something works (more specifically in health), how it works, what things can make a difference to this process and what the expected outcome is. My most frustrating event is not a negative result, but not being able to explain the negative result to adjust for future cases. After studying a degree in science, I realised I was not going to get the answer from that system alone. There needed to be something more than just individual cells and individual body systems. There are too many health conditions that cross over, are affected by a change in weather, adapt to heat or cold, change with levels of stress and environment that just can’t be explained by science….but can by Chinese medicine.

Natural medicine has always interested me but so does science. Of course they clash is areas but when used correctly together, are amazingly effective. I think we’re in one of the best eras for learning the most from both.

Also being a woman, I am extremely curious about the conditions and symptoms we experience and also the lack of simple advice and support given in medicine to women trying to become healthier.

So then assisting women with improving pregnancy outcomes with IVF has seemed like the natural progression because for the first time in history, we get to know what acupuncture can do at a cellular level. We see every step of conception and we can more easily predict outcomes and assist with improving those odds. With such an invasive and ‘unnatural’ process, it can be balanced with the natural approach of acupuncture.

My downfall in practice is the wanting to ‘know everything’. Whilst I’ve become stubbornly aware that this will not be possible, it doesn’t mean I won’t try and prove myself wrong…especially in the areas of women’s health, fertility and pregnancy.

I hope this helps explain how and why acupuncture is my chosen profession and how my approach will help with your health goals.

x Paige

Your Daily Juice Could Be Causing Your Period Pain

In Chinese medicine, the temperature of the food we eat can play a huge role in our overall wellness. Unfortunately in the Western world, we follow too many ‘food fads’ which move as quickly as the seasons and don’t promote ideal health (despite what they tell you). If you’ve seen me in clinic for help with hormones, period pain, weight loss or fertility, you know I’ve told you to stop with juicing and smoothies and instead start having warm, nutrient dense foods, especially for breakfast.

To understand why this might be a problem, let’s imagine your digestive system is like a boiling pot on a stove. Your Kidneys are the fire/heat under the pot, the pot is your stomach, the contents of the pot are what you eat and the vapour escaping the top of the pot is the energy that goes to all your organs to maintain wellbeing.

If you continually put icy cold food into the pot, the Kidneys have to use more heat/energy to turn the cold food into something your body can use as energy. As blood for your menstrual cycle is formed from your Kidneys, placing too much pressure on the Kidneys to warm your cold food, can slow blood production resulting in weak blood flow, long bleeding times and pain.

Because the cold food can take so much longer to digest, it can sit in the Stomach for longer fermenting and giving off a type of ‘dirty’ energy that goes to the rest of your body, making you feel lethargic.

Over time, this internal cold slows down blood and contracts blood vessels which is why it is a main cause of period pain and infertility. Our bodies are designed to be warm, to move blood and energy easily and consistently, to incubate an embryo and fetus and to digest our food quickly and efficiently for energy and health.

So stop with the daily juice, smoothie or Acai bowl for breakfast. If this has been your diet for quite some time, you may also need warming up, which is where acupuncture and moxibustion can come in. Ensuring your low back and low abdomen are covered and keeping your feet warm will also help.

Turning a Breeched Baby…Naturally!

If, at 32-34 weeks, bub hasn’t turned, it’s a great time to start looking for natural options to encourage this to happen. Acupuncture and moxibustion are great because they are non-invasive, easy, painless and have minimal side effects especially when performed by a trained practitioner.

There are quite a few reasons why a baby won’t turn on its own; not enough room, tone of uterine muscles weak and unable to support bub head down or possible cord obstructions. With acupuncture, we use points to warm and stimulate blood flow, move stuck energy and support muscle tone to assist with turning a breech baby. We send you home with moxa and instructions for stimulating a point on your pinkie toe every day for at least 10 days. Walking, keeping your back, feet and low abdomen warm and finding ways to relax will all help too.

One thing I always stress is that acupuncture and moxibustion are used to enhance your body’s natural ability. They will not cause your body to do something it is not ready to do. If there are major obstructions or there is not enough room (especially if left to 37 weeks), it will not be as effective, not impossible but definitely more challenging. So be proactive for the best results.

Breech Baby