Ovulation Myth

It is still widely understood that all women ovulate at day 14-15 or ‘mid cycle’. Whilst for some women, this may be true, for a large and growing number of women, this is not. Ovulation is best calculated as 14 days PRIOR to your period. So for women who have 28 day cycles, day 14 (and therefore midcycle) is the average day of ovulation. However, those with 32-36 day cycles could be ovulating as late as day 18-22. The trouble is, you won’t know until you get your period if you’re using this method to predict ovulation. It may take a couple of months of tracking to understand your best fertile days. Keep in mind too that you may have slightly different cycles depending on which ovary has released an egg. The first half of your cycle is all about ripening a follicle for release. If you have decreased blood flow to one ovary you may find it can take longer for the follicle to be ready. The month you ovulate from this side may have a longer first phase. Keeping record and looking for patterns is the best way to know your own body.