Deep Breathing at Christmas Time

Breathing is important for life. This information is nothing new. However, breathing correctly and mindfully can make all the difference to your health, especially this time of year. In Chinese medicine, your breath determines the rhythm of your body’s energy. This energy then assists with digestion, water metabolism, sleep and energy levels. When we are stressed, busy or overeating (sounds like Christmas doesn’t it?) breathing gets shallow and restricted and in turn can cause slow and painful digestion, bloating, water retention, insomnia and fatigue.

Breathing deeply into the Kidneys, provides oxygen to the metabolic fire which supports all of the body’s normal physiological processes.

Over the next week or so, try to take 10 mindful breaths when you wake up, after each meal and before you go to bed. Make sure you feel your breath go all the way into your Kidneys. Just a small thing you can do to help you enjoy the holidays.

Have a Merry Christmas x