The Body Doesn’t Lie

Do you remember the television series ‘House’ with Hugh Laurie. The sarcastic, grumpy but brilliant doctor who consistently claimed that ‘all patients lie’.

After almost 5 years in clinical practice, I would definitely agree….however (and this is important) very rarely is this intentional or deliberate.


As a side note, I don’t like calling people who come in to see me ‘patients’. I feel like it implies that you are unwell and that’s not always the case.

Back on track – in the times where we are taking many types of pain relief, antibiotics, hormone therapy and indigestion medications, we really don’t know our bodies very well.

But one of the most wonderful things about Chinese medicine, is body symptoms don’t lie. Pulses and tongues can’t lie ;-) So even if you’re unsure about your body symptoms, I can still work out what is going on and what we need to do to fix it.

Whilst I spend time asking you questions about your health and your symptoms. I am also checking these answers with specific signs I can read from your body.

The tongue is a great example – I can see how you digest your food, how you handle stress, how your fluid metabolism is working and your level of energy by having a look at your tongue. I can also see how you respond to treatment by assessing your tongue prior to treatment and after treatment.


Your pulse can also confirm these findings. I can feel your quality and quantity of energy in each organ and how they relate to your specific complaint.

Palpating specific areas of the body can give me an incredible amount of information too – the stomach can help diagnose infertility complaints, digestive complaints and general wellbeing. The tightness of specific meridians can give me information about how that particular organ is functioning and individual points can give me an incredible amount of diagnostic information about your body. Some points can be tight, can feel like there’s a bubble underneath, can feel soft, can feel ‘sluggish’ or be really tender for you.

The beauty of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is that we use all this information together to get a clear pattern of disharmony so we can treat your complaint uniquely for you. No one method of diagnosis is more important than others.

If you would like to know more about how Chinese medicine can diagnose and treat your particular complaint, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Paige x

CoQ10 and it’s Role in Reproduction and IVF

There is a fair bit of confusion surrounding CoQ10 and what its role is in reproduction. The confusion is because good quality evidence for dosage and length of time taking this supplement aren’t easy to find. Another reason for the confusion, is that there are two types of CoQ10 – ubiquinol and ubiquinone. They are both important but Ubiquinol is more readily used by the body.

A brief biology background on CoQ10. Within each cell in the body, there exists a small organelle called mitochondria. This part of the cell houses the energy required for that cell to function. It uses that energy for metabolism, transport and division. Mitochondria are similar to your petrol tank in your car and CoQ10 is like your petrol.

Each egg cell and each sperm cell has a mitochrondria and therefore requires CoQ10 for energy. The egg needs the energy to keep it moving through the fallopian tubes and a sperm cell needs energy to swim towards the egg, as well as the energy to fertilise an egg. The egg and sperm combined also need energy to continue cell division so they can form a healthy embryo and hopefully a viable fetus and then beautiful baby.

Even though this process is incredibly microscopic, it involves a huge amount of cellular energy to work. I suppose it would be similar to running a marathon….but for cells. If they don’t have enough energy, any stage of the fertilisation process could be affected.

So dosing CoQ10 can help with this process. There are very few contraindications for taking CoQ10, so it appears safe for most people. Those on warfarin do need to consult their specialist before taking it. I always recommend both male and female partners to take the supplement if possible and I generally suggest three months of taking it to make any significant changes. This advice is based on very preliminary research which can be updated when we have more information available. The dosage does depend on the person and their age.

For some people, taking it at night can keep them awake, so it is often best to take first thing in the morning.

Clinically, I have seen some great results with this supplement. It is safe and effective and has very few side effects. I would have difficulty not recommending this supplement for couples going through fertility treatment, especially if they are over 40 years old.

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