Lemon Water from A Dentist’s Perspective

So after waiting too long (as per normal), I made a check up appointment with my dentist last week. While she was going through the results of all her findings, she asked me if I drank lemon water. I mentioned I did most mornings. She then gave me some valuable information which I was unaware of and which in some way I have been contributing to so I thought I would share it with you.

Dentists are seeing increasing problems with tooth enamel since the return of lemon water consumption. The acidity in lemon water can be corroding for your teeth enamel resulting in more breakages. Whilst drinking lemon water is undeniably healthy, there are a few things to consider while caring for your teeth at the same time.

Guidelines for drinking lemon water to look after your teeth:

  1. Drink your lemon water through a straw – it won’t touch your teeth
  2. Don’t have lemon wedges in your water bottle or jug to drink all day
  3. Make sure you either eat straight after your lemon water or brush your teeth to change the pH in your mouth
  4. Replace lemon water with chicken broth for a warmth nutritional tonic first thing in the morning (especially great as the weather cools down)

Straws are on the shopping list this week ;-)


Moxibustion…what, why, how?

It’s a really common question in clinic…what is moxa, closely followed by ‘what does it do?’

Moxa is a herb and moxibustion is an ancient technique which involves the burning of mugwort to promote healing and wellbeing. It is found underneath the leaves of the mugwort plant. In its natural form it is a small spongy herb. Like all other herbs, moxa has specific healing properties which include blood moving, warming, removal of cold stagnation, pain reduction and strengthening the energy of your internal organs.

The Chinese symbol for acupuncture literally translates as ‘acupuncture and moxibustion’, identifying the importance of these two therapies used together. They are a Yin and Yang pair. Acupuncture can only redirect energy which already exists in your body. It can move excess energy, remove heat, redistribute fluid, relax muscle, alleviate pain and settle ‘hyperactive’ energy. However, it can’t build energy. Building energy requires adding something extra to the system. Similar to food and breath, moxibustion adds energy but in the form of warmth to stimulate digestion, build blood and endometrium lining, build organ energy, eliminate cold and warm meridians. Used together, they both build energy and redistribute it to heal and promote wellbeing.

The best thing about moxibustion is how incredibly relaxing you feel. It warms your body and dilates blood vessels to help you feel an overall calmness.

Woman's back with burning moxa on acupuncture needles, close-up

Energetics of Autumn

Autumn in Chinese Medicine
Autumn seems like the left out season in the year. We all love summer for the sun and surf, winter for the hot chocolates and snow and spring for new beginnings and young love. But we don’t give too much thought to Autumn. However, it is in fact a really important time of the year for your health.

In Chinese medicine, Autumn is the lung and large intestine time of the year. These organs are strongest in energy at this time. So this is the time when you need to look after your Lung energy to prevent colds and flus in Winter. This means starting back on your bone broth (let me know if you’d like a recipe) and building your immune system with warm, nutritious foods. The other key is dressing appropriately in the changing weather. It takes us a while to realise it’s getting cooler and the cold wind is what enters the channels in your neck causing the start of a cold. Start carrying a ‘cardy’ or a scarf and keep your feet warm to prevent this from happening.

In terms of your large intestine, it’s function is to remove waste from your body, but it also has an energetic role in removing ’emotional waste’. This is the time to ‘let things go’ whether that be a relationship that isn’t working, a job this which is unfulfilling or an issue that is unresolved, like a dead leaf hanging on a tree, let it go.

Now is the best time to boost your immune system with food, herbs and acupuncture.
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