Social Egg Freezing

This conversation has come up a bit over the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d just do a quick post regarding Chinese medicine concepts of fertility and this idea.

The main argument for social egg freezing is to keep the quality of your eggs as high as it was when you’re younger so you have the ability to fall pregnant easier later in life. It is suggested by fertility clinics specifically for women who are young and career focused, single or just not ready to have children but know they will in the future and would like eliminate any ‘age-related’ problems with falling pregnant.

How about instead, we look after our eggs in the best storage facility naturally available…your ovaries. In Chinese medicine, your Kidneys are responsible for your egg quality. The Kidney’s are most affected by daily stresses like poor sleep, poor diet, anxiety, chronic stress, working in cold environments, lack of exercise or lack of fulfillment in life in general. To maintain egg quality, you need to maintain Kidney health, which means addressing all of these concerns.

When your body is working at it’s most ideal, it is the best place to keep your eggs save and warm. But this involves some work and a change in habits on your side. Getting your health sorted and then maintaining a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise will ensure that your body will take care of your eggs in the same way it will look after every other cell in your body.

I wouldn’t be trusting anyone else with this job but me.

Egg freezing

Treating Headaches with Acupuncture

There aren’t many people I’ve treated who have never experienced headaches at some point in their lives. A headache is a non specific symptom, which means on it’s own, it provides little diagnostic information. The interesting thing is that you can experience them as a response to almost an change in energy in the body.

You can experience a headache if you’re dehydrated, after detoxing from coffee, when you have a fever, when you’re stressed, when you’re tired, just before ovulation, just before your period, when you eat too much bread, when you hurt your neck or you back…and many more. Why is this?

In Chinese medicine, there are two very simple explanations for why headaches are so commonly experienced;

  1. All internal organs have a direct or indirect connection to the head.

Your internal organs have energy meridians which connect to your muscles and skin (this is where acupuncture points are located). Every one of these meridians, connects to the head in some way. Therefore, any imbalance in any organ system can ultimately present as a symptom at the head, most commonly being a headache.

2. Heat rises

In the environment around us and also in our bodies. When you have internal heat, caused by digestive inflammation, stress, dehydration or pain, it rises towards and results in a headache.

The key to correctly diagnosing and treating a headache is in the detail. I need to know; the location of your headache (frontal is usually related to digestion, vertex is generally more Liver), type of pain (stabbing, aching, heavy, empty etc), associated symptoms like vomiting, tiredness, vision changes or appetite changes and what alleviates them (cold, heat, water, movement, lying down). The more specific the explanation, the better. For example, the type of headache that is described by the feeling of having a damp cloth wrapped around your head squeezing inwards is a very specific type of disharmony in the body which acupuncture treats very well.

So next time you experience a headache, be observant around what it feels like, where it is and what improves it or even aggravates it. You can then avoid these triggers in the future. It’s also of course great information for your acupuncturist to help get you targeted relief as soon as possible.