Ovulation Pain

ovulation pain

Pain is a protective mechanism for the body. It lets us know that something is wrong. Ovulation pain is no different.

Ovulation pain or mittleschmerz (‘middle pain’) is low, one sided abdominal pain that occurs around ovulation (or egg release). It is really commonly experienced in women of all ages in varying degrees. Some women experience a mild twinge, alternating between sides each month and some women get debilitation pain over days with vomiting and diarrhea. This can be a cruel form of irony when it comes to trying to fall pregnant. It can also become worse after giving birth because of the extreme drain this process has on the body, taking possibly years for the body to replenish itself without specific help. This may also be contributing to problems falling pregnant after your first child.Western medicine is unable to completely explain this physiological process, often attributing it to hormone fluctuations or fluid metabolism dysfunction.

In Chinese medicine theory however, ovulation is the exact moment where Yin (the nourishing, egg development and oestrogen dominant stage) switches to Yang (the growth and progesterone dominant stage). Yang energy quite literally bursts out of the follicle for the egg to begin its journey down the fallopian tube. When you have imbalances between Yin and Yang energy, pain and ovulation dysfunction occurs. A Yin and Yang imbalance can occur for a number of reasons; an energy or blood stagnation, a deficiency in energy or cold in the uterus. Each pain pattern presents differently and is therefore treated differently.

Acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese medicine work really well to move stuck energy, increase energy and blood, remove cold from the uterus and balance Yin and Yang to reduce pain and encourage a healthy and pain free ovulation.

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*disclaimer – the information provided in this post is general advice only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for individual healthcare.