Chinese Medicine and Your BBT

If you’re trying to fall pregnant, you have most likely heard of or started to fill in a basal (base) body temperature chart. These charts are a daily record of your temperature as you first wake in the morning. The medical theory is that prior to ovulation, your base temperature remains low. At ovulation, the increase in eostrogen, progesterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) cause your body temperature to increase until you either find out that you are pregnant or the temperature drops and you get your period. They are primarily used to determine ovulation as you should see a sudden rise in temperature, indicating you have ovulated.

In Western medicine, these charts do not hold a lot of ground as predictors of fertility. However, in Chinese medicine, which is all about subtle changes to your body, they can give us some really useful information relating to energetic balances of your internal organs. For example, if your follicular (period to ovulation) phase is too short, you may have too much internal heat which is causing the follicle to develop too quickly, an unstable follicular or luteal phase may indicate an energy block due to stress or anxiety and an absent spike at ovulation may indicate a Kidney energy deficiency. This are all things acupuncture can treat.

I’ve found these charts most useful for women who have been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’, as we can usually see the subtle reason for difficulty conceiving where a blood test or ultrasound may not. However, as with all Chinese medicine diagnoses, the BBT chart is only one piece of the puzzle. We look at how this fits in with all your other signs and symptoms to decide on a diagnosis and individual treatment plan.

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